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TFS Build vNext

Build Automation

The next version of Team Foundation Server has been announced quiet some time ago. In the RC version of Team Foundation Server as well as Visual Studio Online, there is a preview of the new build system available. It’s now time to have a look at it.

First things first: The old XAML based builds (the workflow foundation based ones) are still good to go, if you already have made a lot of customizations and...

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Release and Sprint oriented Test Management with MTM

Test Management

Microsoft Test Manager provides functionality to manage and execute test cases. In this blog post I’d like to focus on the possibilities of a release and sprint oriented test planning. We would like to plan the tests for each sprint but still be able to easily keep track of all the tests of the current release. Finally we are going to have a look on how we can achieve a base-lining of test cases across...

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Custom Build Controller and Agent for Visual Studio Online


Visual Studio Online offers you a hosted build controller to build your projects directly in the cloud. With every Visual Studio Online account you will get 60 minutes of build time for free. If you are using Visual Studio for your productive projects you will certainly exceed the 60 minutes in a few days. This is no problem at all since you can switch the build resources to paid shared resources (see picture below). The...

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Using Git from the command line


Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 have both native support for Git. Not all advanced features are supported in the Visual Studio UI, so there might be some situations where you have to do this from command line.


When you are working with your Git repository, you will be notified to download and install 3rd-party Git command prompt tools. Those tools will be installed by using the Web Platform Installer. If you closed...

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TFS 2013: TFVC vs. Git


Since Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server support Git as a source control system, there are a lot of conversions going on about when to choose what version control system. TFS is an Application Lifecycle Management platform and contained one version control system called Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) in the past. Since version 2013, Git is fully integrated into TFS as well as Visual Studio.

When we talk about Git and TFS a lot...