Automate your Database deployments Image

Automate your Database deployments


DevOps has been around for a while now and most developers know more or less what it is. In very simple terms, it means that after every code commit automated checks like code analysis or unit tests run to give fast feedback to the developers. Also, the deployment process is highly automated and shouldn’t contain any manual steps. This idea sounds straight-forward and not too complicated but what about changes on the database? Suddenly the...

How to build your Windows application in Docker Image

How to build your Windows application in Docker


As you probably noticed from our conference talks and trainings, we do a lot with Docker. Either to improve the build pipeline, have better artifacts or run complex microservice applications in Kubernetes. We often get asked from our session attendees and customers that all looks nice, but that they can’t use it since they still use the .NET full framework. This is absolutely not true. We can do a lot of things with Windows-based containers...