Using Shared Projects for Unit- and Integration-Tests Image

Using Shared Projects for Unit- and Integration-Tests

Test Automation

Since the last update, we now have the possibility to use Universal Apps to share code between a Windows Phone and the Store App. From a technical point of view, there are three projects involved when you create a universal app: The phone application, the store application and a shared code projects. The shared code project is not an assembly as we know from portable libraries.The shared code project copies the source file to the...

Lab Workflow Manager (beta) Image

Lab Workflow Manager (beta)

Test Automation

Having a large lab management setup can be quiet cumbersome to maintain in terms of managing lab workflow definitions in Visual Studio. Often, you would like to test your software in multiple languages and on multiple operating systems. The combination can easily lead to 25 different build workflows, each testing the same software with the same tests just in different configurations. Its quiet obvious that tooling can support you with those kind of management tasks.


Analyzing CodedUI Tests with HtmlLogger Image

Analyzing CodedUI Tests with HtmlLogger

Test Automation

Executing automated UI tests may result in bad performance or in a failed test because a UI element could not be found. So how we are going to analyze the automated UI test? The test execution engine also includes tracing functionality. In our case, we would like to have a detailed report that shows what is exactly going on during the test. This feature is known as HtmlLogger. This trace logger can be configured at...